Pop Up Museums:

So, it's been a couple of weeks since my workshop with Kingston Association of Museums and Galleries "Bring Your Thing" event. In fact, it's been so long that their next event is coming up next week!

Bring Your Thing: Where I've Been

The "Bring Your Thing" concept is one that has been popping up in museums all over North America and beyond. The concept of bestowing value on your personal items is one that I find absolutely fascinating and directly connected to storytelling. 

I brought my own little "thing" for the event at the Isabel Turner library, two little worn-out baby bracelets from a festival I attended with my children. Despite their tattered and tiny physical aspects, when I received an number and a tag for my little bracelets as a contribution to the pop up museum, they became something more. Just the aesthetic of placing them in a frame on the black fabric transformed these tattered little pieces of string into a story!

Although the theme of "What's Your Story" only happened once, these events offer a wonderful opportunity to discover and learn new stories for yourself and connect with others. This kind of event offers a real and tangible connection with others that is not often felt these days in our digital age. We are encouraged to explore our communities through the people (and things) that make them up. Thank you, Darragh and KAM for funding and supporting such a wonderful initiative for our community!