What's Your Story? - A

Just One Tale has been asked to run a short storytelling workshop for the KAM's "Bring Your Thing" event titled "What's Your Story?"

To find out more about the last Bring Your Thing event, check out their blog post here. The event sounds like it was definitely interesting, educational, and fun!

This time around, the Bring Your Thing theme is speaking the language of storytelling. By asking participants to bring in an item that sparks a story, we can learn about the different people in our community, their interests, their history, and maybe they can learn a little something as well!

Selina will run the storytelling workshop during the final hour of the event. This storytelling workshop will focus on how you can turn a simple conver
sational piece into a true and crafted tale that gives the listener an idea about who you are, where you are coming from, and what it is you really want to say. One of Canada's top storytellers, Charly Chiarelli, will feature his own story, inspired by his ow
n "thing" as an example of what one tale can tell.

For more information, please check out the event page on Facebook and come on down for storytelling and stuff to look at!