What is this “storytelling” thing about?

What's your story?

When you hear the word “storytelling”, what do you think about? Is it a circle of friends at a table sharing their exploits and adventures? Possibly it’s the traditional perspective of an elder telling stories to teach younger generations how to cope with reality. Does the marketing buzzword of storytelling bring up images of people in youtube videos, sharing poignant tales, peppered with images and clips to back up their narrative come to mind?

All of these examples are true and effective examples of how storytelling has shaped and continues to shape our society and guide our own personal decisions. What often goes unnoticed is that the most important element of storytelling - the content - has been dwindling in quality. We are so wrapped up with the tricks and trade  of presenting a story that the actual content of the stories themselves have gotten lost in the telling.

What Just One Tale aims to do, is to help to address the root of the story. Through coaching and workshopping experiences related to an organization or initiative, participants in Just One Tale workshops develop a deeper appreciation for what they do on a daily basis. The process of working together to develop each other’s stories fosters a professional bond and a renewed sense of purpose for what the goal of the project is.