What applications can a well-crafted story be used for?

Just like the concept of rehearsal before performance, or the workshopping of a concept or script before taking it to the presentation stage, creating content through an engaging storytelling workshop will help to prepare your collaborators in all aspects of developing your project, or furthering your organization’s core mandate.

The applications of having a resource of carefully crafted, well developed content goes beyond each individual’s personal affiliation to the organization itself. It can be applied to many practical and varied aspects of developing a program.

Just One Tale workshops and services go beyond the simple development of your organization and its benefits. The workshop process instills a sense of confidence and a renewed sense of purpose to each of the participants individually. This means that your collaborators are more motivated and inspired to optimize their work, and their work/life balance which means a healthier, happier working environment for everyone involved.

The story development service is catered to your needs and the project at hand. The idea is to take raw information and create a smooth and cohesive narrative to help foster a deeper relationship with the company's message. This can involve anything from creating an audio podcast to help get your message out, sourcing the people involved and getting their stories, or simply helping to draw out a throughline to follow in a clouded world of facts and dates and figures.

Photo Credit: Jan Kahanèk