Selina Chiarelli, Director and Chief Consultant - Just One Tale

Having been raised in the central circle of some of Canada’s foremost storytelling pioneers, it’s fair to say that Selina comes by her storytelling background honestly. She was a storytelling protegé from a very young age, and as she matured, she continued to move around the performing arts world, harnessing her performance skills as an actor, host, musician, songwriter, and public speaker. Today, as host of the new classical podcast/radio program Counterpoint, and as storyteller-in-residence at Aga Khan Foundation of Canada, Selina uses the exploration of meaningful narrative in all aspects of her professional life.

Once she’d completed working through Concordia University’s first ever “Theatre for Development” program, Selina went on to explore a variety of different areas of arts and arts administration. Her adventurous spirit, performance, and musical endeavours have taken her across several continents, languages, and multiple countries before landing her back where she came from to develop workshops and programs through Just One Tale, her new storytelling consultancy.

Selina applies knowledge garnered through her experience in the world of online marketing, international business administration, and e-commerce, not to mention organizations that focus on everything from international development to brand identity. She takes her understanding of these various business sectors, and applies traditional storytelling techniques to what communications, marketing and team building experts are referring to as "story development."

As a storyteller and musician, she has performed in the Toronto International Storytelling Festival, and the Féstival Interculturel du Conte Québec, not to mention various other venues both in Canada and abroad. Selina passionately advocates for meaningful engagement with listeners, clients, and within internal company communications. Her love of a fine narrative, and her flexibility with a wide range of specializations makes Selina an interactive and energizing workshop facilitator. Her storytelling workshops have been positively received by everyone from former Canadian Ambassadors to teen and pre-school students. She promises a high-quality communications experience that may just change the way you think about the stories you live and create - both in the workplace, and in your everyday life.

For more information, please feel free to contact her directly at selina (at) selinachiarelli (dot) com.

Below you’ll find a selection of organizations that Just One Tale has worked with under the direction of Selina Chiarelli.



Please note is that Selina draws on her network of facilitators to assist with specific group requests as needed. These facilitators are professionals in everything from performance, theatre, writing, improv, and even community engagement coordination. While developing a workshop plan for your needs, it would be assessed whether or not this would be an option to help support more one-on-one work with a professional from within the group.