Just One Tale is founded on the premise that storytelling can fit into almost any context or venue. As much as the use of storytelling can help and assist adults in professional positions to learn and grow, it can also help to hone the busy minds of the younger generations.

Many libraries and childcare centres offer “storytime” events, which are wonderful, animated affairs, focused on the literary side of conveying a tale. But have you ever seen a group of 4 year-olds sit still for someone who has no pictures to hold up? No flashy screen or animated visuals, just the power of voice and heart.

Just One Tale can offer workshops with this kind of focus, using games, activities, and a special stash of kid-friendly modern stories mixed with traditional folktales. Storytelling helps to remind children what it is to listen and learn with minimal props and aides.  

The idea is that kids go back to their most basic instinct to connect, to identify with a story, and finally to see their own story in what they hear. The experience of growing up with something like storytelling to ground you in your understanding of the world is incomparable. Young people today can all benefit from a little person to person communication!